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Skin Cleanser Tips

There are a lot of terrifying myths when it comes to cleansing your skin.

Myths that will strip your skin of moisture...

Thrash your skin until it’s red and raw...

And leave your face feeling “tight” as a drum...

As it turns out, that “squeaky-clean” feeling is NOT healthy for your skin, despite what

you may have heard.

However, if puffy and irritated skin is what you’re after, then by all means keep

following the skin cleansing “tips” below:

1. Use foaming cleanser.

If you’re attracted to the foaming-type cleansers, think again. The “foam” in these

cleansers strip the natural oils from your skin, leaving your delicate skin dry and


Try this instead: Find a gentle facial cleansing balm specifically made for

delicate skin.

2. Exfoliate your skin like you’re scrubbing last night’s caked on dinner out of the pot.

This is like taking a carrot peeler on your skin. The outer layer of your skin acts as a

natural barrier, retaining moisture, keeping out bacteria, and protecting the healthy skin


Scrub too hard too often and you will strip this barrier away, leaving you with hypersensitive skin that’s prone to breakouts.

Try this instead: Stick to gentle cleansers as I mentioned before. Stay far

away from products advertising daily exfoliation or “active” exfoliating


3. Air dry or grab the family hand towel to dry your face.

Air drying might seem harmless, but the evaporation can leave your skin dried out like a


As for using the hand towel? Please don’t unless you want to rub bacteria all over your


Try this instead: Pat gently with a clean, fresh antimicrobial towel. Be wary of the skin around your eyes... this skin is the thinnest on your body and you don’t want to cause damage.

4. Throw all your hard work out the window and allow the sun to age you prematurely.

You’ve spent all this time primping, beautifying, and keeping your skin healthy.

The last thing you want to do is head outside every day and let the sun’s rays speed up

the aging process. Without protection, these rays will damage your skin’s pigment cells.

Try this instead: Find a daily-use sunscreen that will protect your skin from becoming wrinkled, saggy, spotted, and leathery.

If you truly do love your skin and want to keep it looking and feeling youthful and

vibrant for as long as possible, why not find a sunscreen that goes the extra mile?


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