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Live Healthy and Vital

Hi there, I’m Donna! One of my biggest fears has always been getting old. I get it, aging is a fact of life… BUT that doesn’t mean that you must feel every bit of your age (not anymore at least!) You see, my parents and grandparents didn’t have access to the scientific breakthroughs that we have today so I had to watch them suffer that decline. It was then that I decided I never wanted to end up like them if I had anything to say about it!


It’s become even more important to me since becoming a grandmother. I need to make sure I can keep up with the littles and make it to all of their life milestones. I don’t want to be the weathered old crone on a rocking chair that has lost mobility, independence and mental faculties. I want to be the fun grandma helping with homework and dancing at their weddings. 

So now I love to learn about and test different health, wellness, and skincare trends, and share my thoughts on them with anyone who wants to listen! I’m not ready to ‘slow down’ - there’s still so much more life for us to live to the fullest. I do hope you’ll join me! :) 

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